Family Stories

Sharing a Personal Story

It was more than 10 years ago when I decided to take all of my years of experience as a visual storyteller and create a personal documentary for my in-laws. Their 5oth wedding anniversary was approaching and I wanted to mark this milestone. I gathered dozens of family photos, their wedding announcement, newspaper clippings and then sat down with this wonderful couple and listened to the story unfold.

More than a few hours later, we had a timeline on tape which included several stories the children and grandchildren had not heard before. I spent weeks logging the interviews, sorting the photos, talking with other family members and laying out the story until finally I was able to produce a 20 minute documentary for their anniversary celebration.

Watch the first chapter of their love story  here.

After that experience, I created Reel Reflections Video Biography Service. I offered individuals, families and companies the chance to create personal or professional histories to perserve their life stories, or company histories.

Fast Forward to 2013 and I am now offering visual storytelling to clients who want to reach their families, friends, colleagues and customers through social media outlets.

Reel Reflections Media offers video, audio, photographs, live streaming and full documentary features for you to share with your audience. We will help you set up your social media, create an event with live streaming and produce archive quality dvds. We offer on site social media training, video production training and storytelling workshops.

Ethel and Paul died a few years ago, but their love story and legacy lives on because we took the time to sit down and record their story. Let Reel Reflections Media help you perserve your legacy. It would be an honor.


Lisa T. Parisot